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CBS News revisits Cadillac Ranch

Three weeks ago, I revisited a video in 1975 where CBS News correspondent Charles Kuralt investigated the Cadillac Ranch art installation, just off Route 66 near Amarillo, Texas.

Here’s that original Kuralt story. Cadillac Ranch was just a year old:

Kuralt’s story vaulted Cadillac Ranch into national prominence, and it’s remained there since.

Thirty-seven years later, CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman revisited the scene of Stanley Marsh 3’s most famous creation:

The report cites Carhenge in Alliance, Neb., as one of the artistic spawns of Cadillac Ranch.

I encountered Carhenge purely by chance nearly 20 years ago when I was heading home from a vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I saw a billboard for it on the highway I was traveling, and there it was — a bunch of cars stacked up and painted gray to resemble the original Stonehenge. It’s still one of the most stupefying things I’ve seen.


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