Details on the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum’s renovation

The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton won’t officially reopen until May 26, but The Oklahoman newspaper has some details on the renovations that are going on there:

Not wanting to change the thematic approach, the museum will continue to tell the story of Route 66 by decade, said Smith, but patrons will have the opportunity through modern technology to interact with the exhibits.

“For example, prerecorded conversations and the more common sounds of a diner will be overheard as patrons sit in booths located in the museum’s Diner exhibit,” said Smith said. “Kiosks will be strategically placed and loaded with games, video excerpts and other interactive activities for patrons of all ages.

“An embedded children’s tour will be a welcome attraction, as caricatures of popular models of classic cars guide them through the exhibits. The changes will create a more personal, hands-on Route 66 experience.”

The museum first opened in 1995. The museum saw increasing number of visitors, especially after the release of the 2006 Disney-Pixar movie “Cars.” In 2009, it reached a record 33,000 visitors.

The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum closed in late December for the $500,000 renovation.

The reopening day on May 26 will including a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 2 p.m., free admission, live music, and a book-signing by Jim Ross, Jerry McClanahan, and Shellee Graham for their recently published “Route 66 Sightings.” The two latest members of the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame also will be inducted.

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