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Shooting day at the Rock Cafe

Sunday afternoon mostly looked like a typical day at the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Okla., with its typical clientele of motorcyclists, locals, and Mother Road travelers stopping to grab a bite to eat.

Inside, however, was a little different story:

A film crew from England was preparing to shoot footage for a reality-television series that will air in the United Kingdom later this summer. It’s also hoped this program will be broadcast in the United States as well.

Without revealing too much, a British family will be in Stroud for a week as the camera crew follows them around. And the Rock Cafe will be the epicenter of much of the action.

Here’s where the director essentially shouts “Action!” and the family takes its places for its first meal at the Rock Cafe:

The Rock Cafe’s longtime kitchen manager, Beverly, chats with the family as the cameras roll:

I hung around the set for a couple of hours. It was a lot of “hurry up and wait” — apparently common with television and movie shoots. But I got the sense the crew enjoyed talking with the locals, especially a burly biker from the Oklahoma City area who knew a lot about the state’s and region’s history. The crew asked him to hang around — presumably he’s going to become at least a brief part of the show.

Meanwhile, as recent Facebook posts indicated, Rock Cafe owner Dawn Welch was in England as part of her “assignment” with the reality series. More details about the show will be revealed in the coming weeks.


One thought on “Shooting day at the Rock Cafe

  1. Route 66 Landrunner

    UK film crew was squint-eyed and darn near half asleep when we brought in 67 Aussie’s last Friday. They forgot about their planned appointment with us and also inadvertantly left their camera’s back at the hotel when we arrived. What a goof that was!

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