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Land of the Havasupai

This gorgeous video by Dan Carter shows the Havasupai reservation in the bottom of Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

More about the Havasupai:

Havasupai means “people of the blue green water”. Havasupais have dwelt in the Grand Canyon and the rest of north-central Arizona for over 1,000 years, practicing summertime irrigated farming in the canyons and wintertime hunting in the plateaus. The Havasupai Tribe Reservation is at the end of Indian Route 18 off historic Route 66. It consists of 188,077 acres of canyon land and broken plateaus abutting the western edge of the Grand Canyon’s south rim. Residents live in Supai Village in the 3,000 foot deep Havasu Canyon. The reservation was established in 1880 and substantially enlarged in 1975. The tribe is known for its location, traditional cultural life, and beautiful arts and crafts.


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  1. Lane Stripe

    Hello! Hey, Superb Video! Thanks for posting this. I really want to hike down there someday.

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