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New song from The Road Crew

The Road Crew, which has released an entire album of Route 66-related music and has performed at several Mother Road events, has recorded a new tune specially for the upcoming The Birthplace of Route 66 Festival in Springfield, Mo.

“The Middle of Everything” was written by singer Don King and band member Joe Loesch:

During the festival, The Road Crew will perform it live and other music in Springfield’s old town square at 3 p.m. Aug. 11.

Videos of The Road Crew can be seen here. And songs can be heard and purchased here. The band also received the Bobby Troup Artistic Recognition Award last year during the International Route 66 Festival in Amarillo, Texas.

Loesch also said this in an email:

We encourage people to discover and explore Route 66 wherever we go. As far as we know, last year at least 17 fans traveled Route 66 based on our recommendation. I am constantly amazed at how many Americans are unaware of 66. But it sure is a pleasure to send them on their way!


3 thoughts on “New song from The Road Crew

  1. crocodile lile

    The Road Crew are four great & talented guys who deserve to make it BIG!! Two of them are heros of mine (Viet Nam Vets). We were so impressed with their song “On The Road To Amarillo” last year, I play that album weekly, hope to see them at Cuba Fest in October.

  2. D. Cloud

    Great song! I traveled with them in my mind while listening. Have their CD on Route 66 and it’s a good one too.

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