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New cap on Route 66 sodas features Route 66 itself

Route 66 Sodas LLC today announced a new design on the bottle caps of its Route 66 Root Beer and other 12-ounce sodas that are sold in glass bottles.

The company, based in the Route 66 town of Lebanon, Mo., decided to actually feature an image of the Mother Road on the cap.

A photo of the new bottle cap image is at the left.

From the news release:

Featuring a photo scene from Route 66 taken by Matthew S. Cameron, the crown concept was created by Scott, Elizabeth and Matthew Cameron and designed by Simone Ginsburg of Real Soda In Real Bottles in Gardena, Calif., the California and West Coast distributors of Route 66 Sodas.

“This is the first time the art on our bottle cap has been changed since we acquired the company back in 2007, and we believe the first time since the original formation of the company dating back into the mid 1990s,” said Scott A. Cameron. “We’ve had such a positive response to our new bottle designs, introduced in 2010, we decided we should complement them with a new crown.”

“We know our bottle caps are collected around the World. Many travelers from other countries take our bottle and/or crown home as a souvenir of their visit to Route 66,” Cameron said.

In addition to root beer, Route 66 Sodas also offers cream soda, black cherry, orange, and lime-flavored sodas. The company’s website has a handy map page where you can buy their sodas.

The sodas can also be purchased online by the case (alas, it ships within the U.S. only).

UPDATE 7/28/2012: Joe Loesch of The Road Crew sent along this photo of the pickup microphone he uses with his mandolin at music gigs, using a Route 66 Root Beer bottle cap as the pickup’s housing.

Loesch says he plans to swap out the bottle cap with the new one during the road trip for the band’s show at The Birthplace of Route 66 Festival in Springfield, Mo.

2 thoughts on “New cap on Route 66 sodas features Route 66 itself

  1. RT

    Everybody “LOVES” Route 66 sodas, if we could figure out big city distribution across the route, where the little towns in between could pick up on their own, we’d have a winning combination?

    Chicago, St. Louis, Tulsa, OKC, Amarillo, ABQ, Flagstaff, L.A. as distribution points because they’re large enough to carry in bulk quanity, and then the little guys could pick up when they’re on their supply runs – just a thought…

  2. Henrys Ra66it Ranch

    When the Route 66 Root Beer soda first came out in the mid-late 90’s, it had a solid gold bottle cap. I have one here, also, along with their original six pack carrier, plus an inflatable display Root Beer Bottle. Very unique. The bottles and caps have greatly improved.

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