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A virtual tour of old Cajon Pass

Backroads West, which recently posted excellent videos about Route 66 from Victorville to Barstow in California, has just posted a new clip about the pre-Route 66 alignment of the Cajon Pass.

Much of the road shown in the video dates to 1914 — more than a decade before U.S. Highway 66 was commissioned.


5 thoughts on “A virtual tour of old Cajon Pass

  1. Rick Martin

    Awesome tour. Used to live in Riverside and the Summit was our favorite meeting place to go motorcycle riding in the high desert. Loved driving the old highway along the river and train tracks. Planning another trip this summer and this 1914 section will be on our agenda.

  2. Jim Conkle

    Working with Cliff Bandringa, the man that put this together has been both enjoyable and educational. He and his wife are a great team that put a lot of their passion into these projects.
    Check out some of their other videos on their site.
    Plans are to expand the coverage to one day have the entire road completed.

  3. Rick Martin

    I watched their other videos of Victorville to Barstow. They do a great job with the map, descriptions, and video of things to see along the way so that you know right where they are. Looking forward to more.

    1. Jim Conkle

      Using both old and new technology, as well as equipment, they have found a nice way to share what you will see as you drive down the road. For those that will never get to see the road or those that see it all the time this concept is enjoyable and entertaining.

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