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A chat with Ariston Cafe’s owner

“Hope In Your Hometown,” a video series by The Journal-News in Hillsboro, Ill., has posted an interview with Nick Adam, Ā longtime owner of the historic Ariston Cafe, a Route 66 landmark in Litchfield, Ill.

Adam has several good stories to tell. But you may have to turn up the volume on your computer or mobile device. The microphone didn’t pick up Adam’s comments terribly well.


One thought on “A chat with Ariston Cafe’s owner

  1. Will

    What a wonderful story, The Ariston will be an excellent place to eat while visiting the Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center. The Ariston and the Museum will be great assets to our community as the construction finishes at the welcome center. The whole business community will prosper from these two landmarks on Route 66. What a great job the Journal News staff did in their production of the video.

    Will Tackaberry

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