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It’s that time of year

In towns along Route 66 in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona during this time of the season, you’ll find roadside stands where freshly picked Hatch green chile peppers are roasted and sold.

This stand is in the parking lot of Mr. D’z Route 66 Diner, in Kingman, Ariz.

We got big batch of green chiles from Sichler Farms in Albuquerque last fall. The smell of the chiles while they were being roasted was intoxicating. And we’ve still got a few bags of those roasted chiles in the freezer.

The Hatch Green Chile page on Facebook is terrific. And, if you’re taking a road trip soon, you should find fresh green chiles in New Mexico through mid-September.


2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year

  1. Rainbird

    New Mexico’s new law requires that all chile sold be marked from whence it came. Chile grown here in New Mexico will be labeled as having been grown in New Mexico.

    I wonder if the Arizona and Texas sellers label or claim that chile grown elsewhere is “Hatch Chile” or “Chimayo” or from other New Mexico areas known for their great chile?

    I think it is high time New Mexico became proprietary with what we do better than anyone else and that is grow great green chile. There is no chile anywhere that surpasses the quality and flavor of New Mexico grown chile.

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