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Berwyn’s Spindle sculpture may be revived on Route 66

The Spindle, a long-celebrated sculpture at a shopping plaza in Berwyn, Ill., that was taken down in 2008, may return to the city at its Route 66 museum, reported Berwyn Life.

The Spindle, which featured eight cars impaled on a 50-foot spike, stood at Cermak Plaza in Berwyn for nearly 20 years. Dustin Shuler’s creation was featured in countless books and in the “Wayne’s World” movie.

The sculpture had to make way for a new Walgreens drugstore. After an eBay auction got no takers, the Spindle was dismantled:

Among the folks driving the effort to reassemble a facsimile of the Spindle is the Berwyn Arts Council. And apparently the groups have parts of the original artwork:

Unbeknownst to most, the top two cars of the sculpture were saved in a shed behind Cermak Plaza. Now, a movement spearheaded by Berwyn Route 66 Museum and Berwyn Arts Council member John Fey has taken possession of the two cars and is working toward recreating the piece of art.

The cars will need to be restored, and a pole that used to support an Anderson Ford sign already has been secured to hold the two cars.

Once completed, the sculpture will be erected at the parking lot of the Route 66 Museum on Ogden Avenue.

The Volkswagen will be on display at the Berwyn Route 66 Car Show on Saturday, where funds will be solicited for the Spindle. Also, a Kickstarter online fundraiser is planned.

The Spindle never was on Route 66, but it became a popular side trip for many roadies going through the Route 66 town of Berwyn.


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