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About a week ago, a new ad forĀ Route 66 Beer showed up on the Internet:

Another ad was posted earlier in the month, although details were sketchy about the product — other than the company was based in London and the only place in the U.S. to buy the beer was New York City.

But Aaron Maughan, a public relations officer for London-based Protege International, found me. Protege is the marketer for Route 66 Beer, and Maughan told me this in an email:

Using a unique recipe and American ingredients (especially Yakima Valley cascade and cluster hops), Route 66 Beer is full bodied, bolder and more satisfying.

Distributed by Central States Beverages in Kansas and Missouri, Route 66 Beer is now available on draft in all the best bars in Kansas City (MO).

From November bottles will be available in Kansas City with Route 66’s eye-catching new label that represents the endless possibilities, the truly inspiring American experience that is the Mother Road, Route 66. This will be rolled out nationally. Keep a look out for it in a bar near you.

In a follow-up email, Maughan said Route 66 Beer is brewed in Wisconsin.

The website’s store locater still wasn’t updated as of this writing. But Maughan said the site would be refurbished in the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “More about Route 66 Beer

  1. RT

    If you want “REAL” Route 66 beer, look no further, it’s right here: It’s a real deal microbrew, right on Route 66 in Flagstaff, AZ with in person tours, samples and everything. The Mother Road Brewery is also housed in a historic building on Route 66, that they have saved and restored. Their standard brews are Roadside American Ale, Twin Arrows Brown Ale, Gold Road Kolsch style Ale and Lost Highway IPA. In addition to their regular brews, they also mix in custom seasonals throughout the year. They promote and support Route 66 in person, have saved a building actually on Route 66, and are exactly who we should be buying our beer from. We should be extremely grateful we now have Route 66 Sodas, Pop’s & the Mother Road Brewery right on Route 66, so we need to support them all with everything we’ve got, and help them sell all across the road. They’re an important part of Route 66’s new and original future…

  2. RT

    I will say, however, it’s a nice looking commercial, and if it does indeed go national, then it certainly fits in the anything good for Route 66 category. I wonder if they got permission from Tempting Brands to use Route 66? lol

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