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Northern Arizona University’s report on Route 66

A television program, “Inside NAU,” by the Northern Arizona University Network takes a look at Route 66. The Mother Road goes through the university’s backyard in Flagstaff.

Among the people interviewed is Angel “The Angel of Route 66” Delgadillo and NAU archivist (and Route 66 News reader) Sean Evans.

Unlike history professor Michael Amundson, I don’t think anyone’s going to wax nostalgic for Interstate 40 anytime soon.



One thought on “Northern Arizona University’s report on Route 66

  1. Brandon

    I think he was being sarcastic about “I 40 nostalgia” in the future but given even that I personally found him to be way too laxed when talking about Route 66 going away piece by piece. It’s like he has an attitude of “well that’s the way it is” about it all.

    I would like to remind the baby boomers there is a healthy number of route 66 enthusiasts that are young like me thus there’s is always hope for the future.

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