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A ride on Radiator Springs Racers

If you’re not able to check out the Radiator Springs Racers ride, this video will be the next-best thing.

The interesting thing is the videographer filmed in both sides of the ride. Each side contains unique characteristics, and it couldn’t have been easy to get all that footage when wait times have reportedly been as long as two hours just to ride once.

It’s part of the Route 66-inspired Cars Land portion of Disney’s California Adventure Park in Anaheim, Calif. Radiator Springs is the fictional Route 66 town depicted in the 2006 Disney-Pixar animated film “Cars.”


2 thoughts on “A ride on Radiator Springs Racers

  1. Rick Martin

    The trick to popular rides is to use the “single rider” line. They don’t really promote it. You wait in line with your group but have to be willing to be put into another group to fill a seat that is open. Works great. We rode both lanes and waited about 30 min each time even though the posted wait was 2 hours. They don’t have this at every ride but they do for the Racers. Just ask an employee where the line entry is. The sign is small and you could miss it.

    BTW; it is an awesome ride. Also; hang around Radiator Springs at sundown when the neon turns on. They play “Life Could Be A Dream” just like in the movie.

  2. Sean

    I’ll confirm a 2-hour wait on Labor Day-Probably no surprise. The ride is fine, and it’s fun to see the Cars characters in action. The ride (like so many Disney rides) is really very high-tech. The wait however, while long permits one to take in the wonderful recreations of places along Route 66. The old timber bridges in eastern Arizona, the recreation of Cool Springs Cabins, the Bottle House, The variety of “Butler” truss bridges, the fantastic red rocks scenery. It is amazing to consider everything is artificial (although surpringly more real than the resort we stayed at in Newport Beach!). Further, taking in the recreation of the U-Drop-Inn and other places along Radiator Springs main drag, and the detail (down to the “fresh” pavement) made the pass theough that part of California adventure a lot of fun.

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