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A descendant of The Mill

This past weekend, Hallie’s on The Square, owned by Brian and Cheri Huffman, marked its 10th anniversary in downtown Lincoln, Ill.

This ordinarily wouldn’t be terribly notable, but the eatery’s lineage makes it of interest to Route 66ers. We’ll let the Lincoln Daily News explain:

Huffman is the great-grandson of the infamous, if not notorious, Blossom Huffman, who with her husband owned and operated The Mill restaurant on Old Route 66.

Blossom is credited for the schnitzel recipe that today is served at Hallie’s, and around the community is often considered to be the original version from which all other local recipes have been modeled.

Just a few years ago, it appeared the long-neglected Mill would see the wrecking ball. But thanks to the efforts of Logan County Tourism director Geoff Ladd and an army of volunteers, much of the Dutch windmill-shaped building has been restored. Locals envision The Mill eventually being used as a welcome center.

It also should be noted that Hallie’s has served its schnitzel at events for The Mill.


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