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Thankful for an Angel

Earlier today, this interview by photographer Jim Luning of Route 66 icon Angel Delgadillo was uploaded to Vimeo. This segment was the best thing in Luning’s 2010 documentary “Route 66 – Ten Years Later,” and is well worth your time.

It seems proper the clip was posted just a few hours from Thanksgiving — a time when folks across America will give thanks to their families and good fortune.

But, watching this video, I’m also thankful that a seemingly simple, middle-aged barber in a small Arizona town saw the value of Route 66 and his community, and decided to fight for both. I’m thankful Delgadillo helped found the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, and the other Route 66 associations it spawned. And I’m thankful for the wisdom and contentment that Delgadillo obviously conveys. May we all be so lucky.

Angel Delgadillo – Route 66 Icon Interview from Luning Photo on Vimeo.

Luning says in the video’s description:

Angel Delgadillo could without any argument be called the face of Route 66. People come literally from around the world to see him in person or be one of the very few lucky enough to get a old fashioned barber shave at his shop in sleepy Seligman Arizona.

This interview is part of my film “Route 66 – Ten Years Later” based on Tim Steil’s book “Route 66”. Tim and I have been blessed with two one on one sittings with Angel, and 4 shaves between us. Angel, who’s name perfectly sums him up, is an inspiring figure, the biggest Route 66 cheerleader and all around wonderful person.

The movie cost me about $15,000 of my own (chase credit card) money … Vimeo has a tip jar now, if you’re so inclined, please drop some coins in there, I’d appreciate it. Or email me through to purchase a complete DVD of the film for $12 shipped.


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  1. Bob Swengrosh

    Ron, on this day of giving Thanks, I would like to say a big “Thank You” for providing information about our beloved road each day. I know it is a big part of a lot of peoples day.

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