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Art contest re-imagines the venerable Route 66 shield

The small town of Atlanta, Ill., is hosting what it hopes becomes an annual event — “Route 66 Reinterpreted,” an art project that re-imagines the look of the famous Route 66 shield sign.

The contest is modeled after Chicago’s “Cows on Parade” exhibit, except this one takes on the Mother Road’s most famous symbol.

According to the news release from Logan County Tourism:

Participating artists will be provided a blank, 2-by-2-foot wooden cutout of the Route 66 highway shield, painted white, which will then become their personal canvas. The only requirement in creating a reinterpreted shield is to incorporate the text “Illinois U.S. 66” somewhere on the face of the shield, in whatever size, shape, or color the artist desires. Everything else about the design, style, background, and color of the reinterpreted shield is left to each artist’s imagination and creativity.

The project is open to anyone 16 years old and above. Up to 50 entries will be accepted in this year’s project, as determined by the date applications are received. All 50 entries will be displayed outside along Route 66 in downtown Atlanta, Ill., from May 1 to Aug. 31, 2013. The Atlanta Betterment Fund Board of Directors will select 10 shields out of the 50 entries as Finalists. Voting will then take place from May 1 to Aug. 31 to select the top five shield designs as winners of the 2012 project. Anyone, anywhere may vote: either in person at selected Route 66 attractions in Atlanta or online via Atlanta’s website at The top five vote-getters will be the winners of this year’s Route 66 Reinterpreted Art Project. At the conclusion of the project, the five winning shields, along with the names of the artists who created them, will be displayed on a permanent basis in the Atlanta Route 66 Park.

Guidelines for the project are here. The application form, which is due before Feb. 1, is here. Prospective applicants with questions should contact Bill Thomas at wthomas(at)teleologic(dot)net

I’ll be keenly interested to see the results of this project.

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