Joplin’s Christmas windows

Joplin City Hall in downtown Joplin, Mo., decorates its windows each year for the Christmas season. This year, the windows took on a Route 66 theme as well.

Ace Jackalope was there Friday for opening night.

Joplin is hosting the International Route 66 Festival in August 2013.

3 thoughts on “Joplin’s Christmas windows

  1. Envious (on behalf of Tulsa) of this windows project that obviously required an impressive spirit of cooperation among Joplin retailers. We could learn a lesson here. Speaks well for the possibilities of a great Festival next summer.

    1. Reminds me of when the downtown Joplin department store windows were decorated for the holidays and throngs of locals were everywhere. This was not only a “fun” display, but educational as well. The Route 66 Chamber of Commerce donated the “America’s Main Street” banner that closed the video.

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