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The lights of Radiator Springs

Andrew Wood, a communications professor at San Jose State University, author, and longtime Route 66 fan, recently went to Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure and shot this video:

On his Woodland Shoppers Paradise blog, he wrote:

Cars Land presents an intricately detailed reproduction of Radiator Springs, and a perfect illustration of how Route 66 is becoming “Route 66.” This is not to critique the achievements of those amazing Disney imagineers. Touring a life-sized Cozy Cone Motel, gazing upon Ornament Valley’s perpetual late-afternoon glow, and savoring the thrill of glorious animated neon at night, you get a charming Route 66 fantasy squeezed into 12 kid-friendly acres. […]

Sure, beneath the colorful facade resides the same Disney experience: wander-wait-ride-eat-shop. If only Cars Land included more spaces built to inspire interaction among park guests, perhaps a wandering storyteller or two, or at least a couple educational displays about the real Mother Road. Maybe Disney will add a little more Route 66 to their version of “Route 66.” But there’s no point in complaining. Cars Land, simulacrum that it is, still offers up one heck of a ride.

Wood also offers sage advice to those who want to visit Cars Land.


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