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Route 66 in a hand bike

Longtime readers may remember Norberto de Angelis. The Italy native was a football player who became paralyzed in a car accident. After his recovery, he decided to pedal the length of Route 66 in 2009 using a specially equipped hand bicycle.

This 26-minute video documents his journey. The narration is in Italian, but it should be easy enough to follow.

De Angelis also posted photos from Route 66 on his website.


4 thoughts on “Route 66 in a hand bike

  1. Susan Yates

    Watching this video was not how I intended to spend a half hour this morning (it took that long because I had to pause and blot tears so I could see!), but glad I did. It’s beautifully made and lovely overview of the entire route. More importantly, it made me think what it must have been to see those views so familiar to Route 66 travelers from the unusual vantage point only a couple of feet above the road itself. Of all the roads de Angelis could chosen for his trek . . . well, it’s a reminder that Route 66 looks like Freedom world over. And they used Jerry’s EZ Guide. Yeah!!!

  2. Susan Yates

    Thank you for adding these links about your adventure, Norberto and thank you for sharing your story, a reminder that adventures await us all. From Tulsa, Oklahoma, where my home is one mile from Route 66, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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