Route 66 News

A Route 66 video postcard of Oklahoma

This well-done video about Route 66 in Oklahoma was posted a few days ago by Richard Cox of Oklahoma City-based Cimarron Photography and Design.

The description says it’s a “very small preview” of what Cox called a Route 66 Video Postcard. I emailed Cox at Cimarron for more details, but received no response. So your guess is as good as mine about the breadth of the project.

The song with the video is “The Motherland, OK,” by The Road Crew. The song can be downloaded for 99 cents here. Or you can download the whole album, “Songs from the Mother Road,” from here.

UPDATE 1/17/2013: I got an email from Cox. He said:

The video is a see it as it is now look at the State as experienced from Rt.starting north from Quapaw and West to Erick.  The focus is Oklahoma only.  We photographed and interviewed our way through the state and I am now designing and producing the show. I plan on distributing through many of the merchants along the route as well as Museum gift shops and possibly State of Oklahoma tourist bureaus.