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Crown Candy Kitchen marks 100th year

The Crown Candy Kitchen restaurant in St. Louis is marking its 100th year north of downtown St. Louis. More incredibly, it’s been owned by the same family the entire time.

Crown Candy Kitchen isn’t on Route 66. But it’s such a historic landmark, many Route 66 travelers seek it out anyway.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch produced a terrific video about the restaurant (I didn’t embed it, because it auto-plays every time you surf to this site).

Here’s another video from KETC-TV in St. Louis:

The newspaper reports that no one is sure what date Crown Candy Kitchen opened in 1913. So it’s treating the entire year as a celebration, with a street fair later in the year when the weather turns warmer.

Crown Candy Kitchen sits at 1401 St. Louis Ave. (map here), just a few blocks east of the Florissant Avenue alignment of Route 66.

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