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Memories of the Coral Court and Tri-County Truck Stop

A YouTube account by the name of Hudson501 uploaded this video from 1991 of the Coral Court Motel in St. Louis and the Tri-County Truck Stop in Villa Ridge, Mo. — both of them Route 66 landmarks.

The art deco-inspired Coral Court met its demise with a wrecking ball in 1995, and the truck stop closed in 2006.


5 thoughts on “Memories of the Coral Court and Tri-County Truck Stop

  1. Kevin

    What a great video! Everything about that place was cool, from the glazed blocks, to the glass block walls, to those deco lamps. What a shame it is gone, but so glad to see this!

  2. Bob Harmon

    For some reason the video wasn’t here when I read this, so I searched for it at YouTube. Great video! Then I found this 1970s film of the Chain of Rocks Amusement Park: Around 7:18 you’ll see a great (though blurry and faded) view of the Chain of Rocks bridge from the Ferris wheel. This is the view Russell Soulesby said was his favorite place in St. Louis. He said it looked like you were going to thrown off right into the Mississippi.

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