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Owners put Bradbury-Bishop Deli up for sale

The Bradbury-Bishop Deli, which operates inside a 125-year-old building in downtown Webb City, Mo., closed in early January and placed on the market for $50,000.

Co-owner Carol Dudash, 65, said in a telephone interview Thursday that she closed the restaurant on Jan. 5 for winter maintenance, then decided to put it up for sale.

However, that mostly escaped notice until a post Wednesday on the restaurant’s Facebook page announced it was on the market.

Dudash says the asking price includes the equipment. Bradbury-Bishop Deli pays rent to the owner of the 1887 building. The corner business formerly served as a home to Bradbury-Bishop Drug Co.

“I’m tired, and I can’t  handle it anymore,” Dudash said. “I was retired when I took over the business as an investment three years ago, and I want to be retired again.”

Dudash said she’s “taking a big loss” with the asking price for the restaurant. But she maintained that Bradbury-Bishop Deli can be financially viable.

“Someone who knows the business and can market it, they can do well because it’s a one-of-a-kind. I don’t have that marketing background.”

Dudash said the other co-owner, Sheri Roosevelt, 52, recently took a new job with the Joplin School District in nearby Joplin, Mo.

The restaurant’s site at 201 N. Main St. lies about a block north of historic Route 66. The restaurant’s old-fashioned look made it a popular stop for Route 66 travelers, and the “Route 66 Dining & Lodging Guide” listed it in previous editions.

This video captures the restaurant’s atmosphere well:

Those interested in buying the business can call Dudash at 417-499-6039 for an appointment to inspect the property.

(Photo by [ Michael ] via Flickr)


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