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Trio launches fundraiser campaign for full-length Route 66 documentary

A young trio launched a Kickerstarter fundraising campaign a few days ago to produce a full-length, high-definition documentary film about Route 66.

We’ll let Jesse Urrutia, Sylwia Gorajek, and Jakub Gorajek explain:

Longtime readers may remember the leggy Sylwia Gorajek in an well-produced (but unofficial) music video for Depeche Mode’s version of “Route 66” last year.

So this trio already knows the Mother Road pretty well.

They seek to raise $38,000 by March 18. Project director Urrutia, of the Bay Area-based Market Me Video Production, said on the Kickstarter site:

We want to create a narrated documentary that will follow many places that can be seen on the way and give clear and practical information of how much time it might take to travel to a certain place or town, what is there to see, how long it might take to spend there, who you might (or who you should) meet, and finally, how much it might cost. Therefore, in addition to beautiful shots, interviews with owners of historic places and other Route 66 inhabitants we will include detailed animations and graphics which will present everything what Route 66 travelers need to know. […]

In this documentary we will be quite uniquely presenting the 2500 miles trip starting from the West. This direction is rarely described in guide books or on DVDs although it is also very often used. We are going to visit many towns and cities along the way, some very famous places like Cadillac Ranch or Blue Whale of Catoosa, but also a lot of other interesting spots often not mentioned in tour guides. The film will feature picturesque landscapes, multiple motion controlled time lapses and wonderful shots of places that every tourist may visit while on the road. Every day we will be in a different place.

We will meet a lot of people who contributed their lives to serve the uniqueness of The Mother Road and whose stories need sharing! Apart from famous Route 66 representatives, our film will also feature interviews with less known haunts one may encounter while travelling Route 66. We will interview barbers who’ve run their shops for more than 50 years, owners of gas stations, souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and people who’ve worked there for years. We will also talk to the owners of contemporary places such as modern hotels and shops that make the trip all the more convenient. All of this serves our goal of providing as much practical information as possible.

The team wants to finish the film by August, and hopes to find a distributor by the end of the year. They launched a dedicated website for the project, plus a page on Facebook.


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