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New Carthage welcome sign includes Route 66 shield

A new “Welcome to Carthage” monument approved by the City Council of Carthage, Mo., will include a Route 66 shield as part of its design, reported the Carthage Press.

It will be more than a sign. It will be a plastic, stone and fiberglass creation, featuring the Route 66 shield carved on a boulder and a big maple leaf — a symbol of the city — as part of its design by local artist Rachel Wilson.

Councilors approved spending $11,500 for it.

It’s envisioned as more than just a welcome sign. Quoting Carthage Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director Wendi Douglas, the newspaper reported:

“With social networking the way it is now,” she said, “we’ll have a spot where people can take pictures and instantly market our community to the world.”

A bank agreed to allow the stone on its property along Garrison Street (aka Route 66) between Third and Fourth streets. The site, next to a sidewalk, also will make it easily accessible for tourists to create a photo-op.



One thought on “New Carthage welcome sign includes Route 66 shield

  1. Carol Casarez

    This is a great sign! It’s simplistic in design (I love simple), yet colorful enough to capture the attention of passersby, and definitely a photo op for those of us who take a Route 66 road trip. Carthage is a place I want to go back to sometime…lots of neat places in that town!!

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