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Newest edition of popular Route 66 guidebook is out

Author Jerry McClanahan and the National Historic Route 66 Federation announced an update for its popular “EZ Guide for Travelers” guidebook is now available for purchase.

This is the first print update since 2005 2008 for the Route 66 guidebook, which provides turn-by-turn directions for both eastbound and westbound driving. It can be bought with the recently updated “Route 66 Dining and Lodging Guide” through the federation’s online store.

Or it can be bought by itself through Amazon.

In an email, McClanahan detailed some of the changes in the updated “EZ66 Guide”:

I have added more mileage readings to the directions on most pages. This will help travelers to know when to expect an imminent upcoming turn, or to know that they can relax for a while. With this and the many updates, just about every page has been changed in some way.

I’ve also listened when tourists have had trouble navigating certain complicated areas (like St. Louis) and made the routings easier.

I’m happy to be including such recently restored places like the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba and Carthage’s Boots Motel, plus added some choice mom-and-pops that I’ve experienced on many trips over the last two years (covering the whole route in both directions).

McClanahan’s website offers free updates to the Route 66 guidebook as they become available.

And, if you’re driving through Oklahoma, McClanahan will sign the guide at his art gallery in Chandler, if he’s at home.


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