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“Route 66,” from an Albuquerque garage

Well, I’m not positive this version of Bobby Troup’s “Route 66” was recorded in a Duke City garage. But this cover by The Monkeymen was indeed captured in low-fidelity in Albuquerque and released by a local label, QQ Records, in 1965.

5 thoughts on ““Route 66,” from an Albuquerque garage

  1. Fred Smythe

    As an original member of the Monkeymen, I would like to fill in some gaps. Orginal band was Vic Gaberial guitar, Wes Smythe guitar and keyboard, Terry Bradely on drums and myself on bass. As a band we were around for about 5 years. Mainly in Albuquerque and in New Mexico. This was our first record, and our manage turned down a offer from another record company to do another record. I left the band first, and then Wes and then Terry. Good old times. I spent several years in a nightclub band and then decided to get out of music. Loved it most of the time, but it started getting old…

  2. Noel Rozelle

    Fred aren’t you forgeting Noel Rozelle. I was also one of the 1st members of the Monkeymen. I filled in When we went to TorC New Mexico on one of our 1st gigs. Remember I had a 58 Merc that we painted our logo (the Monkey with the Top Hat) on the doors. It was @ some local band contest & we won 1st prise. Then we got hooked to play @ a place called El Fuego’s that same night & we watched them have cookarocho racing while we were on break. Terry Bradly dated my sister Elaine while we were playing together & Wess dated a gal named Pam. Many years later Terry & I hooked up again because he & I were @ Pres. hospital together while our children were being born on the same day. April 6th 1979. I still have a lot of good memories of all the good times we had traveling the state & playing all the good old stuff & of course being amoung the 1st in Albuq. to learn the British songs as they arrived. Our harmony certainly got a lot better. Long time Fred Still Love Ya

  3. Fred Smythe

    Your right Noel. Being old and forgetful I was in error . Nice to hear from you. I dated Pam and we are still married.

  4. Vic Gabrielle

    I remember all of you guys. What fun we had,and I would love to hear from both of you.I see Wes, and we always make sure to slander both of you. Don’t hear much from Terry.I also see Don Gleicher regularly. I continued my music, and still love it so. Back to back and belly to belly!!

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