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“Route 66,” from an Albuquerque garage

Well, I’m not positive this version of Bobby Troup’s “Route 66” was recorded in a Duke City garage. But this cover by The Monkeymen was indeed captured in low-fidelity in Albuquerque and released by a local label, QQ Records, in 1965.

The history of the band is obscure, but bits and pieces can be found here and here. The band’s name later was changed to Piggy Bank.

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4 thoughts on ““Route 66,” from an Albuquerque garage

  1. Fred Smythe

    As an original member of the Monkeymen, I would like to fill in some gaps. Orginal band was Vic Gaberial guitar, Wes Smythe guitar and keyboard, Terry Bradely on drums and myself on bass. As a band we were around for about 5 years. Mainly in Albuquerque and in New Mexico. This was our first record, and our manage turned down a offer from another record company to do another record. I left the band first, and then Wes and then Terry. Good old times. I spent several years in a nightclub band and then decided to get out of music. Loved it most of the time, but it started getting old…

  2. Noel Rozelle

    Fred aren’t you forgeting Noel Rozelle. I was also one of the 1st members of the Monkeymen. I filled in When we went to TorC New Mexico on one of our 1st gigs. Remember I had a 58 Merc that we painted our logo (the Monkey with the Top Hat) on the doors. It was @ some local band contest & we won 1st prise. Then we got hooked to play @ a place called El Fuego’s that same night & we watched them have cookarocho racing while we were on break. Terry Bradly dated my sister Elaine while we were playing together & Wess dated a gal named Pam. Many years later Terry & I hooked up again because he & I were @ Pres. hospital together while our children were being born on the same day. April 6th 1979. I still have a lot of good memories of all the good times we had traveling the state & playing all the good old stuff & of course being amoung the 1st in Albuq. to learn the British songs as they arrived. Our harmony certainly got a lot better. Long time Fred Still Love Ya

  3. Fred Smythe

    Your right Noel. Being old and forgetful I was in error . Nice to hear from you. I dated Pam and we are still married.

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