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Library planned in abandoned Route 66 gas station in Mojave Desert

An artist and an author plan to establish a Philosopher’s Library inside an abandoned gas station along Route 66 east of Amboy, Calif.

The Philosopher’s Library website contained these details:

In our age of increasing distractions, the need for perspective and reflection is essential. Candy Chang and James A. Reeves will transform an abandoned gas station on Route 66 into a library dedicated to pilgrimages and personal transformation. Located in the Mojave desert, The Philosopher’s Library will be a remote sanctuary filled with books about leading an examined life, as well as a card catalogue where travelers can share their philosophies for personal well-being.

The website also asks for suggestions on what inspirational books
to stock in the library.

On his Twitter account, Reeves said the gas station was located about 10 miles east of Amboy. That would be near the settlement of Chambless.

He also said he plans to open the library in September.

The library is part of the Academy of Modern Ruins, “dedicated to the mythologies of ghost towns and transforming them into contemplative places.”

Longtime readers of Route 66 News may remember Reeves from his 2011 memoir, “The Road to Somewhere.” My review of the book is here.

The project reminds me of the Prada Marfa art installation on a lonely road in west Texas. But Prada Marfa is more of an elaborate farce; Reeves and Chang seem a lot more earnest about this project.

UPDATE: Reeves confirms in a comment that he wants to buy the abandoned Roadrunner’s Retreat station.


6 thoughts on “Library planned in abandoned Route 66 gas station in Mojave Desert

  1. James A. Reeves

    Yep, that’s the site we’d like to use. We’re getting in touch with the property owners of a few different locations along Route 66 and in the Mojave but that gas station just east of Amboy is our favorite. Any leads on how to locate the owner would be much appreciated.

    1. Kevin Hansel

      There is a agent selling Property on the Mojava. His name is Peter Chen. Phone (626) 264-0369. Maybe he could help you with this.

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