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Geoff Ladd resigns from Logan County Tourism

Geoff Ladd, director of the Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau of Logan County in Lincoln, Ill., resigned his post Wednesday so he could pursue “new employment opportunities,” according to the Lincoln Courier.

Ladd oversaw the bureau when the county saw a 30 percent increase in hotel tax revenue and helped draw the World’s Largest Covered Wagon from Divernon to Lincoln.

But what likely will be Ladd’s most lasting accomplishment is saving the long-neglected The Mill restaurant on Route 66 from the wrecking ball. The Mill has been mostly restored, and eventually will be converted into a tourism center.

Ladd said he would continue to serve on the Route 66 Heritage Foundation of Logan County, keep working on The Mill, and live in the Lincoln area.

The full text of Ladd’s resignation letter can be read here.

Tourism board member Tim Keller told the Courier he was shocked by Ladd’s departure, but acknowledged city politics may have led to it.

Keller said with the recent news of the City of Lincoln wanting to take control over the bureau it played a role in his departure.

“I think it had an affect on Geoff and I didn’t expect this to happen,” said Keller.

If Keller’s speculation why Ladd resigned is true, apparently the City of Lincoln didn’t learn an important lesson — leave effective and talented people alone.


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