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Soar near Route 66 on a zipline in Williams

A zipline that allows riders to fly near Route 66 in Williams, Ariz., likely will be running by Labor Day, reported the Williams-Grand Canyon News.

The zipline will be operated by Soaring Eagle Zip Line, based in Utah. This YouTube video shows what it’s like to ride one:

The newspaper said:

The company will install the zipline at the Grand Canyon Boulevard and Railroad Avenue intersection. The high tower will go in the parking lot by the Recreation Center and the low tower will be in the east visitor parking lot. The zipline will cross Grand Canyon Boulevard, with about 30 feet of space between the ride and the street. […]

Soaring Eagle will construct two Route 66 themed ziplines next to each other. The ride does not require people to climb a tower. Riders will sit in the ride’s racecar seats and staff will buckle them in. Then the ride will start going backwards at about 30 mph while traveling upward about 110 feet.

“They get up to the top, then they’re going to be able to be seeing everything around them from the freeway to the mountains and Route 66,” said Logan Checketts from Soaring Eagle Zipline.

After that the ride will go forward at 30 mph. Throughout the experience, riders will hear the sounds of an engine revving up, squealing tires, downshifting and braking to correspond with the ride. It takes about two minutes.

The cost will be $12 per ride.


3 thoughts on “Soar near Route 66 on a zipline in Williams

  1. Tonya PIke

    There has been a zipline operating at Meramec Caverns here in Missouri for a couple of years now. Neat experience, if you’re not afraid of heights.

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