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Kickstarter campaign launched to restore Roy’s sign

A Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $16,000 to restore the historic Roy’s sign at the Route 66 town of Amboy, Calif. The restoration is part of the newly christened Amboy Foundation of Art’s eventual goal to turn the motel at the Roy’s complex into an artist’s colony.

According to the Kickstarter page:

Restoration of this neon sign serves each generation — those who passed through a half-century ago, those present, and generations to come.

Route 66 has been marked by Roy’s Cafe neon sign in Amboy, Ca since 1959. The immediate need served by this project is to stabilize and repair this long-standing monument sign.  A need continues beyond an act of arts, documentation and conservation, and the mechanical arts of repair and bent glass tubes.  We will restore the sign to original operating condition. This will include restoration of structural, electrical and neon art elements.

A team of professional conservators, engineers and artisans will be managed by recognized historical architect, Taylor Louden AIA.

The deadline to raise the money is June 12.

Albert Okura, owner of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain in Southern California, has owned the town of Amboy for several years. A couple of years ago, he reopened the long-closed cafe into a convenience store.

(Photo of the Roy’s sign by zampano!!, via Flickr)


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