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Perry Como’s version of “Route 66”

Here’s a version of Bobby Troup’s “Route 66” you may not have heard. Perry Como gave it a whirl in 1959, with additional lyrics.

Perry Como – Route 66 from Jeroen Boersma on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “Perry Como’s version of “Route 66”

  1. KoHoSo

    Is this still the only major recording of the song that includes the introduction and second verse?

  2. Susan Yates

    Whoever wrote the additional lyrics thought that the road ran through seven states. Poor Kansas (I’m guessing)
    . Atlas makers overlook them. Lyricists overlook them. . .

  3. Rick Martin

    I had not heard that version before. Kind of enjoyed the addition of the other towns. Love what you can do with a classic jazz tune. It just allows for such freedom in your interpretation of it.

  4. Trevor Trillion

    You should know this ”second verse” was not written by Bobby Troup in 1946. Jazz pianist Russ Freeman wrote it after recovering from Heroin addiction in Hollywood, CA. Therefore the inside joke, ‘No One in sunny Cal is a loser’. Only Perry Como sang this version which subtly insults the aroma of stockyards in Tulsa. Como doesn’t even know how to pronounce KINGman, he says KINGSman. A better second verse was sung on a Louis Jordan version in 1957,

  5. Kevin Doherty

    I love Mr. C’s version! It was the first one I heard as a kid on the Victor Special Products LP Perry at his Best! Originally issued on Como Swings.

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