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Major Route 66 exhibit coming to Autry Center in a year

I just got this news release today. Some of you folks already know about it. But for those who don’t …

We are one year away from the opening of a major exhibition on the history of the Mother Road. “Route 66: The Road and the Romance” will open on June 7, 2014, at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles.

The exhibit will focus on the role Route 66 has played in American history, literature, fine art, photography, popular culture and the “art” of the roadside attraction.

Some the remarkable objects the exhibit will bring together include John Steinbeck’s original hand-written manuscript of “The Grapes of Wrath,” the oldest existing Route 66 shield (compliments of Jim Ross), a 1960 Corvette, Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother,” Jack Kerouac’s “Scroll Manuscript” of “On the Road,” Thomas Hart Benton’s painting “Boom Town,” a display about the making of “Cars” and so much more.

The exhibit will run from June 7, 2014 until Jan. 4, 2015. Look for information to appear at

The Autry Center emailed the preview poster shown above.

Those who are heavily involved say the Autry’s Route 66 show will really be something. So you’d better mark your calendars.


6 thoughts on “Major Route 66 exhibit coming to Autry Center in a year

  1. Scott Piotrowski

    This is the same Autry Center, however, that closed the Southwest Museum, a Route 66 landmark and attraction. And theexhibit will not be on the road. So while I have had great things about the exhibit, I will be there to protest the Autry, not to see the exhibit. I an very disappointed that the powers that be granted this exhibit to the Autry without tying there hands to the Southwest Museum more.

  2. Jim Farber

    Thanks so much for the post. Getting the word out is so important. My name is Jim Farber (some of you are already old friends). So hi to all my fellow “road warriors.” I am the guest curator of the show and have been developing it since 2009! Just wanted to mention some of the other folks that are adding their voices to the show’s creation. It’s a pretty great list: Michael Wallis (Senor Numero Uno), Arthur Krim, Dan Rice, (collectors supreme) Steve Ryder, Joe Sonderman and Jim Ross, and the National Park Service’s, Kaisa Barthulli. I am heading for Joplin, so I hope to meet many more of you. Jim

    1. Scott Piotrowski

      Mr. Farber spoke very eloquently in Victorville last year about this upcoming exhibit. His prepared remarks were very well received indeed and I look forward to 66 enthusiasts from around the world getting an opportunity to see this exhibit.

      However, what was most interesting to me was that in response to my comments about the Autry’s treatment of the Southwest Museum, Mr. Farber said “We are not in the business of preserving properties.” That was a direct quote and is the most telling sentiment imaginable regarding how the Autry will move forward with what they call the Mount Washington Campus.

  3. Rick Martin

    Scott; that is indeed shocking news. Had to Google to find the LA Times article about it. The collection at the Southwest Museum is a national treasure. Sad that it will not be available to the public. Also sad that the building won’t be open either.

    For those who are not familiar with him you should look up Charles Fletcher Lummis, the founder of the museum. He is a fascinating man. His home in LA is worth stopping by to visit.

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