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Man building miniature Route 66 of Legos

A man from Ozark, Mo., will re-create the length of Route 66 at the Ozark Empire Fair next month by using nothing by Lego pieces, reported the Springfield News-Leader.

Kendall Yost owns more than 1 million Lego pieces, and has created miniature versions of swimming pools, race tracks, and skateboard parks with them.

Yost will use three, possibly four, 6-foot-long tables for his display, depending on how much space he is given. […] He estimates the Route 66 project will be completed by day five or six, but he could have it done within a couple days because he’ll be there from morning until night. […]

The first thing he’ll do while creating Route 66 is lay down Lego pieces that look like a highway. He’ll add buildings along the back side of the table, and as he goes along the route, he’ll build historic landmarks, like the St. Louis Arch and a bridge over the Mississippi River.

He’ll also place red and white buildings to represent hotels, and once the route ends in California, he’ll add in an ocean scene and movie cameras and crews to represent Hollywood.

Here’s a video report from KSPR in Springfield about Yost’s hobby:



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