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George Benson’s tribute to Nat King Cole

I’ve read a lot of warm reviews in recent weeks for jazz artist George Benson‘s latest album, “Inspiration: A Tribute to Nat King Cole.”

Naturally, if you’re going to record a tribute to Cole, you have to record “Route 66,” written by Bobby Troup. It was one of Cole’s early hits, back in 1946.

This video by Benson’s label, Concord, provides snippets of a few songs from the album, including “Route 66.” I always knew Benson had great chops at a guitar player, but his singing shines here, too — especially for a guy who’s 70 years old.

If you want to hear a complete version of “Route 66” by Benson, here’s a performance from 2009:

“Inspiration: A Tribute to Nat King Cole” can be downloaded for $9.49 here. His version of “Route 66” can be downloaded for $1.29 here.


One thought on “George Benson’s tribute to Nat King Cole

  1. Randy Cox

    There’s never been a better singer than nat king cole to cover ‘Route 66’ I get shivers every time I hear him sing it. Maybe even cry a little bit. I hope George’s version is just as good. Of course, Natalie Cole’s version is equal to her father’s. She can make love to a song and make it sparkle! No offense, George.

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