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Film about Illinois Route 66 wayside exhibits

This new film from Pounds Media promotes the more than two dozen wayside exhibits found on Route 66 in Illinois.

Illinois Route 66 Wayside Exhibits from Pounds Media on Vimeo.

A description of the video:

As you drive down Route 66 from Chicago towards St. Louis you will pass through dozens of interesting towns. Each one is full of history and unique businesses that every traveler would enjoy.

The Illinois Route 66 Wayside exhibits are meant to help educate travelers about that specific spot on the Mother Road. There are a total of 31 exhibits in 17 different communities. Each kiosk is unique and uses illustrations, pictures, and audio to tell a story.

This goal of this video is to share the experience of visiting the Wayside exhibits. We hope you all enjoy and make a stop next time you’re driving by.

More about the wayside exhibits, including a map, are found here.


6 thoughts on “Film about Illinois Route 66 wayside exhibits

  1. David Kibitlewski

    It’s a great video except for the fact that they are trespassing on railroad property and should be arrested. Not to mention how dangerous it is to be on the tracks.

  2. Bob Harmon

    I’ve seen/heard most of these exhibits, and I encourage 66ers to stop at each one. Not all have audio, but those who do have recorded first-hand experiences with the focus of the exhibit, and some of the stories are probably recorded for the first time in this project. A unique way to commemorate important spots along the Mother Road.

  3. MR Traska

    I’m glad that the wayside markers are getting some notice and that there’s a film out now, but seriously: did they **have** to ignore the metro area AGAIN?? There’s four wayside markers plus an interactive multimedia kiosk in Berwyn alone, plus one in Countryside, one in Willowbrook, and one in Romeoville. (There really should be one on the SE corner of Michigan Avenue and Jackson Boulevard where the original 1926 path began, but ol’ Rahmbo hasn’t gotten the hint yet.) Tourism is up in Illinois, and we should make the most of it — but Route 66 doesn’t start south of Joliet: it starts in the city, folks. There’s a lot to see between downtown Chicago and downtown Joliet. Discover it, if you dare. And maybe someone should clue in the moviemakers at Pounds Media, too …

  4. carol

    The one in Countryside isn’t up yet. The sign telling where it is supposed to be is there. Probably due to all the construction that’s going on.

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