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The exterior of a new radiator and auto body shop in Victorville, Calif., sports a Route 66 theme, thanks to the help of city planners, reported the Victorville Daily Press.

After six years of construction, the exterior of a radiator and auto body shop has been completed on D Street in Old Town, making it one of the first buildings constructed in recent memory that exhibits a flair for the Route 66 road-trip theme.

Associate Architect George H. Mayerhofer, who managed the construction of the building housing Joey’s Auto and Johnny’s Radiator at 17043 D St., said the city’s planning division not only suggested the Route 66 theme as fitting architecture for the area but stuck with the family-owned construction project from the beginning.

“We wanted to allow planning to act as an overseer to the security and effect of the industrial overlay look,” Mayerhofer said. “They have specific design requirements, giving us all kinds of pointers on Route 66 architecture.” […]

Turnbuckle assemblies with long, threaded shafts endorse the industrial nostalgia of the Route 66 theme.

Victorville does not require a certain architectural style for its downtown area. And the city has been roiled by a severe economic downturn that started in 2007, state budget cuts, and the reduction or elimination of programs that would have boosted the programs that would redevelop downtown into more of a Route 66 theme.

But, in the case of Joey’s and Johnny’s, Victorville shows what other Route 66 towns can do if a city and property owners show a little cooperation.


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