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Joplin unveils new Route 66 mural

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Pearl Bros. Hardware store in Joplin, Mo., would be the home to Route 66-inspired tile murals on Seventh and Main streets, where two alignments of Route 66 intersect.

KODE-TV filed this report about the mural being erected:

More from the story:

Paul Whitehall owns Images in Tile, the company behind the project. He says the titles will not fade in the sunlight and can even withstand graffiti. “If by chance it did get tagged by spray paint, I could use acetone and it won’t hurt the image.”

The mural has a lifespan of 75 to 100 years. “This mural is going to be here for generations to come. No matter what happens to Joplin in 75 years these murals will still be here.”

Both murals should be finished by next week.


One thought on “Joplin unveils new Route 66 mural

  1. Lisa

    Cool, but sure wish there were more Route 66 heyday businesses still in operation out on West 7th Street. The only one I can think of is now a country and western bar that does an amazing business, but sure wish it was still The Red Lion. Great googie architectural building design!

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