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Ted Drewes offers college money to its employees

I’ve been to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard dozens of times in St. Louis and I never knew it did this — offers generous amounts of money for college to its employees.

KTVI-TV in St. Louis has the story if you want to watch the video.

The Route 66 landmark provides $2,000 each semester to employees if they attend a St. Louis university and work at Ted Drewes 1,000 hours a year. The custard stand has been doing this program for about 20 years.

I’m sure a few corporations out there offer a certain amount of financial assistance to employees who want to further their education. But Ted Drewes’ program is remarkably generous by any standard.


3 thoughts on “Ted Drewes offers college money to its employees

  1. TJ Pike

    This is why, if you know the story of many of Ted’s “corporate” people, they will almost always tell you they started with Ted when they were in high school. I work for a company that has over 2,000 employees and we have a good tuition reimbursement program. But it’s not as good as Ted’s!! Ted Drewes is a really great asset to St. Louis in so many ways, more than just custard!

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