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Cars on the Route adding more Pixar characters

Cars on the Route, formerly known as 4 Women on the Route in Galena, Kan., recently added a replica of Tow Mater from the Disney-Pixar animated movie “Cars,” and more are coming, reported the Joplin Globe.

“This is just the first addition of many ‘Cars’ related vehicles,” Doug Gatewood, a consultant for developers Brian Jordan and Roger Hines, said Friday morning.

In coming months, a Hudson Hornet that closely resembles the movie’s “Doc Hudson,” a police car that closely resembles “Sheriff” and a fire truck that closely resembles “Red” also will take their place on the lot.

In case you didn’t know, the former Kan-O-Tex gas station that is now Cars on the Route was where the Pixar crew more than a decade ago encountered a rusty 1951 International boom truck that became the direct inspiration of Tow Mater in the 2006 animated film. The truck — once abandoned in a field — is back at the station as part of the tourist attractions there.

Here’s a photo from Cars on the Route’s Facebook page of the boom truck, nicknamed Tow Tater, and the Tow Mater replica:

It’s cool Pixar and Disney apparently aren’t sending cease-and-desist letters to Route 66 businesses that play up their “Cars” connections.  Of course, if one of those businesses served as a direct inspiration to a film character, you’d think the studio would let it slide.

Despite a change in name and owners at Cars on the Route in the past year or so, the ever-affable Melba Rigg is still behind the counter most days there.

Make sure you check out the changes at Cars on the Route during this coming week’s International Route 66 Festival in nearby Joplin, Mo.


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