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New miniature of the Bagdad Cafe

Take a close look at the above photos. Can you tell the real Bagdad Cafe near Newberry Springs, Calif., and the miniature replica?

The second photo is the real McCoy.

Willem Bor of the Netherlands has made amazingly detailed miniatures of Route 66 landmarks. The latest was the Bagdad Cafe, made famous by the European film of the same name.

Bor wrote in an email:

My wife Monique and I delivered it (after some communication problems) in person on the 4 of July to Sharon Foster of the Route 66 Museum (in Victorville). There were some problems with the delivery but with the help of some friends it all turns out well. Special thanks to Dries Bessels, Jim Hinckly, Ian Arthur Charles Bowen and Dan Rice.

We first made a picture in the Mojave Desert, and then driven to the Bagdad Cafe.

We show the model to the staff of the Bagdad Cafe, they were very surprised and liked all the details I made! They even want to buy the model, but we don’t sell, only donate. And of course it was promised to the Museum in Victorville.

You can see the stir and curiosity with the miniature from the restaurant’s staff:

(Photos courtesy of Willem Bor and StuRap, via Flickr)


One thought on “New miniature of the Bagdad Cafe

  1. Penny Black

    Willem’s minis are amazing likenesses!
    I can’t wait to check ’em out when I finally get a chance to cruise the Mother Road…again.
    And when I get the pleasure to view one on person, I can proudly say, “HEY! The guy that created this awesome work of art is part of my Route 66 Roadie Family!”

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