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Groups seek Route 66 Art Trail in New Mexico

Two groups may join forces to seek a state grant to help set up a Route 66 Art Trail in central New Mexico, reported the Albuquerque Journal.

Officials from RETRO-Relive the Route, which aims to revitalize 25 miles of Route 66 between Tijeras and Moriarty, and the fledgling Route 66 Arts Alliance recently met with New Mexico Arts.

As part of the effort to encourage bringing tourists to artists rather than the other way around, New Mexico Arts offers a grant for communities to develop an Arts Trail. Sherry Abraham from the Route 66 Arts Alliance said the grant is promising for the towns east of the Sandia Mountains. The maximum grant a group can ask for is $20,000.

“If everyone worked together, we could get something going along the 57 miles from Santa Rosa to Rio Puerco,” Abraham said. “That’s quite a stretch.” […]

Three business owners in Moriarty and Edgewood have already offered spaces for artists wishing to display their craft. Weisman said trails throughout the state incorporate 16 to 20 artist locations.

This is a good idea. Santa Fe draws a disproportionate amount of art-seekers in New Mexico. There’s no reason an art trail along the old Route 66 corridor couldn’t thrive — especially nestled in the picaresque Sandia Mountains and places such as the Tijeras Arts Market. And an additional attraction would bring more customers to historic businesses such the Breezy Rain Cafe, formerly El Comedor, in Moriarty.

(Image of El Comedor by Dennis Dixson via Flickr)


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