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On the Mother Road with Freeway Jim

A fellow on YouTube by the name of Freeway Jim takes a lot of video of his travels. A few days ago, he posted “Off the Beaten Path” videos of sections of Route 66 that were bypassed by Interstate 40.

Although they’re high-definition, the speeded-up videos aren’t remarkable by themselves. What’s interesting are the annotations, graphics and historical footnotes he adds to each clip. Here’s a section about eastbound Route 66 in Williams, Ariz.:

The second part of the recent series is an eastbound cruise on historic Route 66 through Tucumcari, N.M.

Roadies might poke around through Freeway Jim’s YouTube channel. He gets around, and I saw clips about the Arroyo Seco Parkway in Los Angeles and the Las Vegas Strip. Freeway Jim has a Facebook page as well.

(Image of Route 66 in Williams, Ariz., by edudflog via Flickr)


One thought on “On the Mother Road with Freeway Jim

  1. Scott Piotrowski

    The LA stuff is awesome. The music is so amazing to pair with La Ciudad de Los Angeles, mi casa. Very impressed with what I have seen so far even if there is not a direct, intentional Route 66 link!

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