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An old Chevy can break down here

If you’re ever driving a mid-1950s Chevrolet on Route 66, there are far worse places to break down than in Stroud, Okla.

KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City reports about Route 66 Restoration Supplies, a shop that specializes in parts for 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevys.

To see the report, just hit the KFOR link.


As the report mentioned, the shop is a stone’s throw away from Route 66’s landmark Rock Cafe.

(Image of the interior of a 1957 Chevolet Bel Air convertible by Glenn Pope via Flickr)


6 thoughts on “An old Chevy can break down here

  1. Susan Yates

    Never thought I’d be interested in a story about an auto parts store, but this changed my mind. Mr. Sawatzky is a valuable and I would imagine very rare resource for people who restore Chevys.

    Ron, this piece made me wonder, did Dawn find a buyer for Rock Cafe?

  2. Susan Yates

    Not sure how I feel about Rock Cafe not having sold yet. Glad it’s still around, but have to think this is very hard on Dawn. The last I heard, she’d cut back the hours it was open. Do you know any more, Ron?

    1. Ron Warnick Post author

      I have Dawn in my FB feed. Let’s just say that I don’t think she’s fretting too much. And she said from the outset she’s going to be picky on who she sells to.

      She cut back on hours before the restaurant was put up for sale. Evening operations simply weren’t profitable enough. Dawn is a genial and attractive woman who also happens to be a very smart and driven businessperson. That tends to be overlooked.

  3. Susan Yates

    Amen to all those positive things you said about Dawn, Ron, plus she’s been Oklahoma’s Woman of the Year and, as we all know, she is the one who made sure Rock Cafe came back from the ashes. On a visit to the cafe a year or so ago she mentioned selling the business and moving to OKC to be near her school age son who had been accepted to a private school there. After all her years of hard work and emotional involvement with Rock Cafe I’m sure that wasn’t an easy decision to make, but she seemed reconciled and ready to do it, so having the process drag on must be difficult. Owning the Rock and being known around the world must be a thrill. On the other hand, operating and maintaining a business that opens early and closes late with lots of hard work in between (and with a relatively small profit margin) must at times be exhausting.

    I think it was during that same visit that Dawn told us about a British reality show she’d taken part in–a swap of homes (lives, schools,businesses, etc) with a family who live near Stroud in the UK. Though not scheduled to air in the US at that time, she was hoping to be able to post the video on her blog when the British production company sent her a copy. I haven’t seen it. Have you? What she described sounded fascinating. I have British friends who live near Chavenage House where Dawn and her family stayed so I’ve really, really been looking forward to seeing the show.

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