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“Route 66” remixed

DJay Redo of Oldenburg, Germany, created a reggae-flavored remix of Nat King Cole Trio’s “Route 66.” And he remixed Cole’s video as well.

DJay Redo has uploaded that and other remixed songs from the Cole Trio, Earth, Wind & Fire and Billy Idol at his Soundcloud account.

Some might object to Cole’s song being reworked through DJay Redo’s electronic cut-and-paste. But Cole’s song has been transformed and covered by literally hundreds of jazz, R&B, rock and country artists since it was written by Bobby Troup in 1946. So what’s happening here isn’t all that new.

And this isn’t the first time Cole received the remix treatment. Capitol Records released the “Re:Generations” album in 2009, although “Route 66” — one of his best-known songs — wasn’t on it.

(Portrait of Nat King Cole made from slaw dressing by Rakka via Flickr)


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