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“Route 66” with guitar and harmonica

For all of its hundreds of versions out there, it continually amazes me how folks can keep freshening up a nearly 70-year-old “Route 66.”

This time, Mike Shaw does it with an acoustic guitar and adept harmonica playing with Bobby Troup’s immortal road-trip tune. The video was shot by Mike Gaboark.

And check out what Shaw does with a varying sizes of harmonicas. Don’t try this at home, kids.

I couldn’t find a link for Shaw. So, if you know where it is, please chime in with the comments.

(An image of harmonicas by Daniel Ivan via Flickr)


One thought on ““Route 66” with guitar and harmonica

  1. steve sumpter

    Wow very cool, this guy is very talented. His second video however leaves me with an image of a sword swallower. How does he do that without getting hurt? He should take his act on Route 66

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