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“Route 66″ with guitar and harmonica January 13, 2014

Posted by Ron Warnick in Music.
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For all of its hundreds of versions out there, it continually amazes me how folks can keep freshening up a nearly 70-year-old “Route 66.”

This time, Mike Shaw does it with an acoustic guitar and adept harmonica playing with Bobby Troup’s immortal road-trip tune. The video was shot by Mike Gaboark.

And check out what Shaw does with a varying sizes of harmonicas. Don’t try this at home, kids.

I couldn’t find a link for Shaw. So, if you know where it is, please chime in with the comments.

(An image of harmonicas by Daniel Ivan via Flickr)


1. steve sumpter - January 13, 2014

Wow very cool, this guy is very talented. His second video however leaves me with an image of a sword swallower. How does he do that without getting hurt? He should take his act on Route 66

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