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Dutch Route 66 Association formed

Six Route 66 fans in the Netherlands recently formed the Dutch Route 66 Association during a dinner in Amsterdam “with the aim of promoting Route 66 and providing information to whomever has a need for it.”

At left is the group’s logo, complete with the nation’s symbolic wooden clogs.

The people who formed the group were Willem and Monique Bor (he’s known for his intricate miniatures of Route 66 landmarks), Dries Bessels (who does Route 66 motorcycle tours),  Jeroen and Maggie Boersma (enthusiastic explorers of old Route 66 alignments) and Marion Flimm.

The Dutch Route 66 Association already has a website here and a Facebook page here. In addition to two national Route 66 associations and groups in each state the highway traverses, Route 66 associations may be found in Canada, Czech Republic, Norway and Germany.

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  1. siamees24

    Also with the help of this site I drove Route66 in September. YOu can download my story and gps file here

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