All of Route 66’s towns

An enterprising YouTube user has assembled city-limit signs, welcome signs, or other landmark signs of each town on Route 66 and put them onto one video:

A few dinky or ghost towns are missing, and the 1920s alignment in central Illinois isn’t covered. But this clip is remarkably comprehensive.

(Image of Glenrio at the Texas-New Mexico line by The Rogue via Flickr)

4 thoughts on “All of Route 66’s towns

  1. When I was in glenrio a few years ago, there were only a few dogs roaming around. I wondered who they belonged to? Ghosts? I never saw any people. It was crazy!!!

  2. We had thought about doing something like this latter on if health permits glad some one has
    A year or so ago we stopped in Cuervo to look around
    We saw several rolls of chain link fence and post. It appears they had been surveying the area and maybe going to fence some of the old buildings off
    The old school we latter found out had been purchased by an elderly lady with the intent to restore it. A few people still lived here as well
    Wow a lot of names like you said a few missed but still a really great list

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