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Route 66 makes brief appearance in Chrysler Super Bowl ad

The advertisement Chrysler aired tonight during the 2014 Super Bowl will forever be labeled as the “Bob Dylan Chrysler ad” — mostly because of the surprising appearance by the famously reticent singer-songwriter.

But a Missouri Route 66 shield also makes an appearance. You’ll see it about the 20-second mark.

Chrysler has produced a few superb ads in recent years, notably the Enimem “Imported from Detroit” spot. This wasn’t a bad one, but it felt as if someone shoehorned a bit of Dylan’s vernacular into it.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Dylan’s been mentioned in Route 66 News. We delved into the bizarre (and debunked) rumor that he once lived in the Route 66 town of Gallup, N.M. back in 2012.

UPDATE 2/6/2014: A historian writing for CNN points out that Dylan has flouted expectations for his entire career. So, in a way, the ad on Super Sunday was nothing new.

(Image of Bob Dylan by erjkprunczyk via Flickr)


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