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World’s Largest Covered Wagon to be repaired soon

Repairs for the World’s Largest Covered Wagon in Lincoln, Ill., don’t have a firm timetable, other than it will be before the start of tourism season, the Logan County interim tourism director told the Peoria Journal Star.

A windstorm the night of Jan. 26 collapsed one side of the 10,000-pound wagon. Tourism director Nancy Saul said people called to help repair it, but insurance will cover it.

Saul said she’s not sure exactly when the wagon will be fixed, only that it will be done soon.

“We just know we have to move as quickly as we can because it is really the centerpiece for our advertising and our tourism,” she said. In fact, the wagon is so popular that it was once recognized as the No. 1 roadside attraction in America by Reader’s Digest magazine.

The wagon, also called the Railsplitter Covered Wagon, was built by David Bentley in 2001 and once stood in Divernon, Ill. It was moved to Lincoln in 2007. The wagon is 40 feet long and 24 feet tall and made of native oak. The statue of Lincoln, seated in the front reading a book, weighs 350 pounds and is 12 feet tall.

It was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s at the Best Western Lincoln Inn at 1750 Fifth St. in Lincoln.

Photo by WLCN radio and Route 66 Heritage Foundation of Logan County via Geoff Ladd)


2 thoughts on “World’s Largest Covered Wagon to be repaired soon

  1. Nancy saul

    Hi Eric – We’re working on getting the wagon back in good condition as quickly as we can. I expect to hear from the people who will be working on it sometime today, Feb. 7. Please stop at the Information Station to say hello when you come through. It’s across the road from the wagon at 1555 Fifth St. Enjoy your trip!

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